08:45         Registration and coffee/tea

09:00         Introductions

09:15          Keynote talk

George Szirtes, Welcome to the UK: a refugee’s view of acceptance, adaptation and rejection

10:15          Short break

10:30          Session 1. (Br)Exit: fears, reactions and uncertainties of belonging

Eleanor Knott (LSE), “For the first time here in this country I felt like an immigrant”: identity, citizenship and EU immigration after the UK-EU Referendum

Susan Collard (University of Sussex), British citizens or European citizens? Rethinking Citizenship post Brexit amongst Britons living in the EU

Chris Allen and Özlem Ögtem Young (University of Birmingham), What next, where next? Post-Brexit fears among secondary migrant Somali Muslims in Birmingham


12:00           Buffet lunch

13:00           Session 2. Loyalty? Experiences of citizenship and naturalisation

Emilia Pietka-Nykaza (University of the West of Scotland), Aspects of citizenship and the meaning of citizenship: the complexities of Polish migrants’ citizenships in Scotland in the context of Brexit

Pierre Monforte and Leah Bassel (University of Leicester), ‘Brexit’ and belonging: experiences of naturalisation and the UK referendum

Djordje Sredanovic (Université Libre de Bruxelles), EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad: defensive naturalizations and institutional barriers


14:30          Coffee/tea break

15:00          Session 3. Voice: Mobilisation and enactment

Charlotte Galpin, Verena Brändle and Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen), Opening the Pandora’s Box of EU citizenship: online mobilisation during Brexit

Kuba Jablonowski (University of Exeter and the3million group), You don’t have rights – you use them! Enacting European citizenship in Brexit Britain


16:00          Closing remarks